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Airtel Huawei E5573s 4g Hotspot Battery Suitable For Airtel Huawei 4g Hotpot (Only Battery Only) Suitable For Huawei E5573s 4g Hotspot Battery



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Suitable For Huawei Airtel E5573s 4g DATA CARDS

Battery Backup 3 to 6 Hrs Depend On Network(2g/3g/4g)

Model HB434666RBC


Original Battery

Huawei 4g Hotpot E5673,5573,5573cs Model HB434666RBC Battery for Airtel,Idea 4g Hotpsots (Battery Only)

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    Customers are Requested to Use Good Quality Charger For Charge the Battery,Product Contains Battery - Airtel HUAWEI e5573S Battery 1500 mah backup up to 3 to 6 Hrs, Airtel HUAWEI e5573S Charging Voltage 4.35V Airtel HUAWEI e5573S Checking Waranty only Airtel HUAWEI e5573S Rated Capacity 1500mAh/5.7Wh ANY DOUBT whatsapp only 9629276744

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